Couppe Safe House

What does Couppe Safe House do?

  • Provide shelter and safety for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

  • Provide counselling and practical support to these women and children.

  • Assist with life skills to help with transition into the community.

  • Provide community education and awareness of gender-based violence issues.

Who can come to Couppe Safe House?

  • Couppe Safe House has been set up to provide shelter to women and girls who are subject to domestic and sexual violence.

  • Any women who has been the victim of domestic or sexual violence and is wanting to make the violence stop or leave a violent relationship is eligible to come into Couppe Safe House.

  • If in your interactions with women in the community, you know a person who fits this criteria of if you fit this, then make contact with Couppe Safe House.

Support provided

  • When a client arrives at Couppe Safe House they are provided with their own room and, if required immediately, food and clothing.

  • A case coordinator is assigned to each client and this becomes her primary point of contact and support during her time as a resident of the house.

  • The case coordinator works with the client to access medical or legal support as required.

  • The case coordinator can also refer to other external support services as required by the individual client.

  • Each client sets goals for her time in the house and is supported by the case coordinator to achieve these.

Community support

  • Couppe House also provides community support to women who are victims of domestic or sexual violence.

  • Women can access this support without having to be resident in Couppe Safe House.

  • Couppe Safe House also provides ongoing community support to women who have been residents.


Community awareness

  • Couppe Safe House has a range of training and awareness packages that can be delivered in the community. We have a series of workshops on gender based violence and the different types of abuse. We also have a community awareness programme which covers, self-esteem, listening skills, relationship skills and emotional regulation.

  • Couppe Safe House can also provide in service support to our partner organisations to upskill on the ground staff on issues relating to Couppe Safe House, referral pathways and also on gender based violence.

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